Create a smoother surface on the paint with each successive pass of the sandpaper. 0 0. Basecoat paint is a unique easy to apply material. So. Painters Guide for Basecoat Paint Basecoat Paint – 2K Clear Lacquer & 2K Primer Filler Understanding basecoat paint: Basecoat paint dries matt or semi matt, and requires a top coat of clear gloss lacquer. I have denibbed and flatted down with 1500 paper, just about to apply decals. For example, on a more humid day, you'll have to wait a little longer than normal. Then dust on the last two color coats and clear it without messing with it. The weather will have a lot to do with how long it takes. Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax 400ml . If you're having an issue with too much texture or getting runs in the paint, you may want to sand. If you don’t prime the surface with sealer, the plaster will soak up any paint like a sponge, so you’ll waste a lot and end up doing more coats than you’ll need.Allow all bare or new plaster to dry completely before decorating. To prepare you car you don’t need to take all the paint off, you just need to rub the original paint down. I removed the spoiler and rubbed it down to primer with some bare pu showing. High build primers contain high solids … 2 Jul 2013 at 10:49 #4 "andy" Capodecina. This means you may have to sand the finish down and start over. 6. No laquer on it yet. you do not clear over mistakes, ie:runs, fish eyes, etc..., you must correct any issues before applying the clear. (Why don't you sand the base before clear?) Now I'm left with the problem of trying to paint the new panel areas to match in with the old paint. how long should i leave it before lacquering? So after all that, I would advice against using tamiya rubbing compound before the clear coat. grit to smooth the surface. I'll just try lacquer directly on top of the paint … sanders, can use 320 grit or finer for solid colours, but basecoat metallic finishes are best finished with finer grades of WetorDry paper. £10.00. The paint must be completely dry before you do anything else. Large areas or vehicles which do not need to be 100% perfect can be sanded with orbital or d/a sanders using dry abrasives, but the final finish is usually lower quality than if hand flatted Exactly!! EYEKANDY's Profile; Settled In. Even with a perfect paint match the paint will look darker. if uve got a tack rag handy u can use that but as its diy?? Painting spoiler with metallic base and 1k laquar - posted in Bodywork and Painting: Hi, Im a painting newbie. This is called base coat/clear coat, or bc/cc. When I sanded the metallic paint it left smeary marks that looked like swipes and scratches that the clear coat would not hide. I normally give four colour coats and then smooth the last one prior to lacquer. Trust. I did so much reasearch and reading prior to this particular paint job, but the one thing I didn't even think about was a timeframe between base and clear!!! A bit of dust below 3 layers of lacquer will become a big issue if you have to sand down to where it is then re-apply each layer. All you need to do, is apply a primer and undercoat with a roller to create the best surface. I had bad results sanding Duplicolor metallic paint so I'd really do it only before the last color coat, and only if you have defects or orangepeel that need to be leveled. Only did it last Sunday. It's Silver Leaf Metallic (BLVC421) and has had a little bit of panel work done to pass the MOT. I had a rear spoiler painted by a mate. Make sure you do not spray in wet or humid conditions! How often are you going to paint and do you want a pro finish or a slapdash finish? Has anyone, sprayed Halfords clear coat ontop of Hammerite say with an hours wait (i.e in my case before the dew starts to form) i.e.before 7.00pm. Spray on a second coat of paint. The extra sanding helps to make the surface you're painting smooth and unblemished. Do you think this 24 hour wait time is purely so you can rub it down.? I used 1200 grit, very lightly, and I could still see the scratch marks through the lacquer. Sand the surface again to ensure it is as smooth as possible. Sanding through the topcoat of paint to the undercoat will require that you repaint the vehicle and begin again. Then, use a sprayer to apply 2 coats of primer to the car and wet sand with 2000 grit sandpaper. Lacquer removal from plastic spoiler - dieselhead : Give it a rub down with a very fine cutting compound - if you rub too hard the metallic paint will shear and you will have to repaint with basecoat + laquer. Joined: 9 Jun 2005 Posts: 13,895. I use a couple of gravity fed spray guns, they are both economy guns. If the finish looks patchy, apply another coat of paint or wait until the surface is completely dry before rubbing it down and starting the lacquering process again. Step 5 - Smooth the Surface. Wilko Chalky Finish Furniture Paint Prot... £14.00. I'm almost done my Ferrari F355 painted ferrari red with automotive lacquer, I'll post some pix when its done. EYEKANDY. Users of power tools, particularly D.A. Paint Spraying-Humidity and Temperature Warning! I use a 1.5 nozzled Metabo (£40) and a Kestrel detail gun with a 1.0 nozzle (£25). If you are using aerosols, youll need two or three coats of lacquer spaced approx half an hour apart. Allow the car to dry after the last application of sandpaper. Wet sand all of the paint with 1000-1500 grit sandpaper, and rinse and dry the car before taping off the windows and other fixtures you don't want to paint. I've read the Halford's web site help page and it says metallic paints should be rubbed down with 1200 grit before lacquering. I do not intend to rub down the hammerite, just clear lacquer over it. Messages: 2,053 Location: Yorkshire England. Applying the lacquer separately gives that deep high gloss finish. djmr2. Take care at corner areas or raised ridges in the automobile as these areas have the thinnest layers of applied paint. A clear coat is added over that paint to protect it. Messages: … Halfords have their own "guide" here, which states that in the case of metallic paint, rub it down with wet and dry then clean and dry ... but don't sand it before the clear coat. wet on wet in a full coat all over,then go over that with another coat right away. Now all the male friends male family members and male neighbours will ask who did it for you and you will have a nice warm glow when you tell them!!! Eager RMS Regular. I would block it smooth now with 320 and 800 and redo your silver. 1 decade ago. the way to go,is get your colour built up with a mist coat,1-2 full coats,let it tack off the do a wet on wet to finish. I hate painting. sweetkidda megane May 16, 2007 #2 should b ok to laquer straight over as long as the base color is dry!!! It was fine for a year or so then the paint and laquar cracked like crazy paving. It's PPG acrylic. If you have runs in a 2-stage base coat you are spraying way too heavy. Otherwise the silver will stand up way too much through the clear. Actually, sanding between coats of primer is pointless. Flatting down before lacquer. you dont lacquer celly as a rule.dont rub a metallic,or you will cut the metal particals,which knackers the finish. New paints were developed that added these finishes to a base color paint. Save yourself lots of grief and use a spray can for larger areas! An essential step in painting metal surfaces, and one you’ll need to do before applying any top coat or colour, priming seals the surface and creates a protective barrier, creating the ideal surface for the colour coat paint to stick to. You shouldn't use any abrasive on an un-lacquered metallic paint. I usually rub the body down with 1500 then 2000 grit sand paper and then wash the body well. So, let it harden for a couple of days, then use 1200 or 1500 - I did 1200 then 1500 - with soapy water until it feels flat. Your gloss finish is designed to be … This is probably the easiest surface to paint onto. Step 4 - Apply a Primer. Answer to: Do you rub down metallic paint before applying lacquer? Paint a coat of primer onto the veneer finish, sanding the surface once more after the coat of primer has dried thoroughly. Cheers pedrobedro, Apr 19, 2010 #2. pedrobedro Man at Matalan. The trial colour is fine. The reason we usually recommend not sanding is that the paint could still be too soft to sand despite it feeling dry to the touch. DaddyC RMS Regular. You should also fit your body kit at this stage to make sure everything is inline and fits. By the looks of the pics the primer was too dry before you put the silver down. find out the time window on the brand of product you are using. You can wait a slightly shorter or longer amount of time if you think the paint takes less or more than an hour to dry. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > jordan1 , Apr 19, 2010 #1. jordan1 Member. Then put some laquer on ? If you do wet sand it make absolutely sure it's completely dry (of water) before applying further coats. Hope you found this article useful. also do i just spray that lacquer strait onto the badge or is there any prep work after the paint? Waiting at least an hour will ensure the paint is dry before you apply another coat. If you want a good finish with little orange peel, leave the third coat to go hard overnight, flat it back with 1200 and then spray the final coat of laquer. No one wants that. Preparing for a BC/CC Paint Job. But yes, you should be able to get rid of the runs when flatting (as described below) - just try to rub only the run until its about flat in case you rub right through the lacquer! I've painted a few bits and would suggest that if you are using the normal spray cans that you do a wet sand with something like a 1200 (min.) Skip to ... Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic Finish Furniture Paint 12 5ml Add to basket Add (opens a popup) Adding. Blending Metallic Paintwork - posted in Bodywork, Paint and Detailing: Hi I'm having the devil's own game trying to do some paintwork repairs on my 25. Avoid touching the paint to see if it is dry. If you allow them to remain there, they may blow onto your work as you paint, ruining the look of your paint job. Different paints have different time frames. Discover furniture paint in a wide variety of colours and finishes. You do not sand the base coat, you can spray the clear within a very short time of the last base coat. As paint jobs became more complex, with pearl or metallic finishes, these simple paints could not hold up. Or what way do ya finish it off . whilst with solid colours it can be quickly removed and covered with a bit more paint. Once the initial coat has dried, repeat the process. Halfords stock a petrol-resistant lacquer for fuel tanks/motorbikes etc. E. Messages 17,468 Location … Now apply two coats of lacquer, separated by a gap of 15-minutes. Is that finish ok now to lacquer?. Anonymous. Do i rub it down with something like 2000 grit wet&dry very wet ? Messages 25,493 Drives Golf V5 19 Jan 2008 #2 Laquer then rub down with whatever you think is required, but defo sumat like 2000 or 1500 at worst if needed, then polish up . It may seem dull but once you apply the clear coat it should restore the color. Apply 2 coats of the base coat, and then wait for the paint to dry completely before sealing with 2 coats of clear coat. Top. Posts: 20 Joined: Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:35 … Before a car can be painted with bc/cc, it must be sanded, filled and primed. 4 out of 5 stars (32) Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax 400ml Add to basket Add (opens a popup) Adding. However, this is the most important stage in any paint job and if you mess up here it will show big time when the lacquer is applied. Then give the area a few very thin coats of laquer. just painted my door badges in a Renault metallic silver. I am about to lacquer 2k clear over week old finished coat. Rub down with paper, then undercoat, then first coat then second coat. When you apply metallic paint with a pen or brush, the metallic flake will not lay down properly. Lacquer: Lacquer is a well known substance that has been used to give objects a glossy or shiny finish. You should have let it dry and wet rubbed it with some 320 grit and then finished it off with 800 before applying the base.