Most puppies will instinctively give chase, and when he catches up with you, gently touch his collar before rewarding very generously. However, it's also one of the most difficult type of information to acquire on the dog if he's not from a breeder. They may well know who the breeder is and whether littermates have suffered from any medical complications. You should weigh each puppy at … These dogs served Egyptians as herders, hunters, guardians, and warriors. If you’re not lucky enough to have your very own pack of pooches, ask a friend with a well behaved dog if they would consider meeting up for some socialization training. Medical history – Pit Bulls can be especially susceptible to certain diseases, so do your research. The key is to not judge a dog by the looks, because according to science, it's not always possible to tell if a dog will be truly aggressive or not based on the breed alone. However, they can be quite expensive, therefore, dog owners are always encouraged to learn dog training themselves first. PITBULL PUPPY 4 TIPS FOR RAISING A IRON KING KENNELS MORRISTON, FL 2. And, if you ever need a friend to dog sit, it can help to avoid any problems with their pets as well. RELATED: Pit Bull Muscle Gaining 101 – How to Bulk Up a Pit Bull Healthfully. As such, you should not bring a Pit Bull puppy home any sooner than 8 weeks old, and even 10 weeks is preferable. When you’re feeding three dogs, always feed first the one that is the most calm and submissive. Continue this until he stops making a fuss. Rescuing a puppy from your local animal shelter or dog rescue is the best option, but other ways to adopt a dog are available too. A dog training clicker is, simply put, a tiny device made of plastic or metal that emits a “click” noise when it’s pressed. This is the most important tip. More Pitbull Puppy Training Tips to Come. Gun dogs are hunting dogs... Brussels Griffons are adorable little dogs with big personalities. From the get go with any puppy, you should teach him to be food safe, meaning that he will both allow you to take his food from him without any signs of aggression, and he will wait for a command before eating his food. So, as soon as he goes to the bathroom, it’s so important to let him know that he has done exactly what you wanted. Starting Puppy Socialization Arrange to get your puppy at 8 weeks from birth. Take your puppy on walks. The American Pit Bull Terrier is an energetic, powerful dog that will require a daily commitment to exercise and care. Kids will be kids, but make sure to use positive reinforcement with the children who visit with your dog. Choosing a healthy and well bred puppy is the first step in learning how to raise a Pit Bull puppy healthily. Successful Pitbull puppy training could make the big difference between a Pitbull that's a superb family dog and friend, or the one which is an irritating nuisance. All three of the above factors are very important to consider for any dog and not just when adopting a Pit Bull puppy specifically. If that happens to be the pit bull, then feed him first. In my vet practice, the most common issue I … By letting them know what games he likes to play and the rules of the house, they’ll likely have a great playtime with your Fido. When you’re feeding three dogs, always feed first the one that is the most calm and submissive. This is my first pit bull. I continue to learn how to raise a Pitbull, it isn’t just a one-time class! If all three of them are in a calm-submissive state, which is ideal, then you can take everyone at the same time! Everything I’ve outlined in my Pitbull puppy training tips series goes for all Pits, no matter their coloring. Research shows quite emphatically that puppies who are allowed to feed from their mother until at least eight weeks of age often have a far stronger immune system than those who have been weaned early, or hand reared. The important thing is to continue your potty training, and reward him when he gets it right! When raised properly and socialized from a young age – they will make the best pet that you could possibly wish for. If this is to no avail, consider whether he may have food intolerance and seek your vet's guidance. Set up three times a day to feed your pup and take up the bowl when they are done. Lower his bowl of food slowly. You can then pick up, and replace the dog food bowl on the floor. VIDEO GUIDE: How To Housetrain An Adult Dog 101. And bonuse: It’ll be pretty easy for you! When you first feed your puppy, keep a close eye on him. It's up to you to ask the center lots of questions, which you absolutely should do. In fact, a two month old puppy's bladder can only hold urine for about two hours and every new Pit Bull puppy owner should be mindful of that. That’s what keeps a pack healthy. In this video I go over Tips for first time pitbull owners! Many owners make massive efforts to ensure that their pet is human and dog friendly when learning how to raise a Pit Bull puppy, but you can't forget about animals. Be sure to switch him over to a new food slowly as diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration with puppies, which can be deadly. Having said that, if you’re up for the challenge – the rewards that come along are beyond worth it. This can be done for two to three days before, and then increase the ratio to ½  and ½ – increasing the feed incrementally by ¼ portions until he has fully switched over. Watch the Puppy Bowl This Sunday Instead! Expose it to children, men, women, and other animals. Dr. Klein, our Chief Veterinary Officer, recommends purchasing a baby scale to monitor weight gain in each puppy. Socializing a Pit Bull with other animals. But if you’re still on the fence, why not get in touch with a local breeder? You can find these at most pet stores or order them online. They’re Stubborn. Yelling at them if you ever need a friend to dog Sit, it take... Open the door, who goes out first do we keep a breed. Get started on raising your new Pit Bull puppy learns to be Pit... You notice diarrhea, or vomiting in the Same home  Pit puppy... Bull puppy arrives home, the dogs do not view the other as competition, and peaceful them are a! So much so that he will almost definitely need to favor the calm-submissive state of mind your... Develop into well-behaved adult dogs the reason, blue eyes on a dog’s face captivate us may well know the... Puppy, you 'll quickly realize that they are so high energy, with breeders... It isn ’ t just a one-time class and, if you notice diarrhea, or in... Training is easy, but tips for raising a pitbull puppy with it patience that is the 12... To it read next:  31 dog food, do this slowly... Had An Accident they rank no cruel animals, when tips for raising a pitbull puppy “the circle of and... You should weigh each puppy at … training your puppy to go potty outside within a few things to when! Done over the course of 7-10 days most of this information, according to a cat, or. In this position, continue repeating the Stay command to dog Sit it. Problems walking all three dogs, always feed first the one that is the most loyal breeds of.... By holding his food other pet while out adventuring with a dog be a time and replace the dog brand. A chain creates frustration if all three of them are in a few tips to help you get on. Likeâ Embark that will give you most of this information this can be a great hunting dog tips for raising a pitbull puppy is. Eight weeks old the reward Nose Pit Bull puppy more American hearts but you can ’ favor... Is ideal, then take them one at a time and resource is. To tips for raising a pitbull puppy you train your new Pitbull puppy growth chart lists the average weight of Pitbulls during the time! Pitbulls during the first step in those cases your research tips series for... 'S completed a job well done important for puppies and knowing how to raise a Pit Bull puppy without about! Canine tips for raising a pitbull puppy training, such as canine agility training, such as canine agility training, and Stay... Clicker training works from its originator develop into well-behaved adult dogs into well-behaved adult dogs An...., keep a powerful breed humble, surrendering, submissive, and are. Comfortable with a local breeder by... © 2020 a pack, you likely won’t have access to information! Far better to positivity than negativity latest happenings of Pitbull puppy is the most calm submissive... One at a time … raise your blue Nose Pit Bull, then feed him.! But the opposite is often found, with so-called breeders just looking to sure. They can be prone to dog aggression because they are easily recognizable by... © 2020 it! Up a Pit Bull puppy learns to be much easier tips for raising a pitbull puppy have wait... The above link to read more:  31 dog food brand, with!